Peter Burzynski


Peter Burzynski is a fourth-year PhD student in Creative Writing-Poetry at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He holds a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a M.F.A. in Poetry from The New School University, and a M.A. in Polish Literature from Columbia University. 

In between his studies, he has worked as a chef in New York City and Milwaukee. He is an assistant poetry editor for the cream city review and Graduate Assistant Coordinator for Creative Writing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.



Online Publications


"Lung Butter" Woodland Pattern Blog (April 2017)

"Oxter" Woodland Pattern Blog (April 2017)

"Oy, Lizards" Woodland Pattern Blog (April 2017)

"The Fearful United" Crabfat Magazine (April 2017)

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"Let's Get Those Pants OffFog Machine (December 2016)

“Uncle-hood” Mannequin Haus (November 2016)

“Several Swallows Later” Mannequin Haus (November 2016)

“What is Lovely, You, My Dear Grotesque?” The Gordian Review (November 2016): 44

“The Good Voodoo” Prelude (Winter 2016): 6-9

“Arc and Saw” APRICITY (May 2016): 11  

“Uncanny Valley” 3Elements Review (January 2016): p. 74

“Oriflamme” Local Nomad (January 2016)

“Leda Needs a Gun” Local Nomad (January 2016)

“Dear Cyclist” The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society (November 2015): 11-2

“Who Art in Heaven” Fog Machine (November 2015)

“Holy Father” Fog Machine (November 2015)

“Ninja School” Fog Machine (November 2015)

“Delicious” Fog Machine (November 2015)

“Safe Serve” Fog Machine (November 2015)

“Pennyweighting” The Harpoon Review (November 2015)

“Where There is Rust” truthdig (October 2015)

“Maundy Ceremony” floor plan journal (September 2015)

“A Talon, a Sword, a Grave” floor plan journal (September 2015)

“Portrait d’un Faune” floor plan journal (September 2015)

“Traveled Around” floor plan journal (September 2015)

“Just Ten Minutes Left” Mayday Magazine (September 2015)

“This is Meaning” Mayday Magazine (September 2015)

“Artifacts” Anamesa Journal (May 2015): 1

“On the Eating of Hearts and Tongues” Anamesa Journal (May 2015): 36-7

“Poet Matters” Pilcrow & Dagger! (April 2015): 38-40

“Slavophile”  RHINO (April 2015): 14

“Pie-Eyed” Bar None Group (February 2015):

“Dangling in Winter.” Bar None Group

“Agnoiology,” ZO Magazine (January 2015)

“Failing to be One’s Own Father,” The Inquisitive Eater (December 2014) 

“Marplot,” Bar None Group (December 2014)

“Mediatization,” Bar None Group (November 2014)

“Sunbox” The Mackinac (October 2014)

“It Is Imperative That You Fail” The Mackinac (October 2014) 

“Madame Shouldn’t Sleep,” Souvenir Lit Journal (October 2014) 

“Breaking the Mule,” Souvenir Lit Journal (October 2014)

“Not Swan,” Souvenir Lit Journal (October 2014) 

“Order Operatic,” Prick of the Spindle (September 2014)

“Inventory of the Universe,” Thrush Poetry Journal (September 2014) 

“Hot Mama,” Yes Poetry (August 2014)

“Rice Petals,” Yes Poetry (August 2014)

“You Have Teeth, Too,” Yes Poetry (August 2014) 

“North Dakota,” the Unrorean (July 2014) 

“Objective Correlative” Hobo Pancakes (June 2014)

“Black Jacks,” Hobo Pancakes (June 2014)

“Emeralds and Olives,” Your Impossible Voice (Summer 2014): 46-7

“After Common Era,” Zombie Logic Review (April 2014)

“Dearest V-,” Zombie Logic Review (April 2014)

“Six Kilo Freedom Fry,” Zombie Logic Review (April 2014)

“Unintentional Impressionism,” Zombie Logic Review (April 2014)

“Vast Veranda,” Zombie Logic Review (April 2014) 

“You’re Well/Enjambed,” Zombie Logic Review (April 2014) 

“Journal of Autonomy” The Best American Poetry Blog (March 2012)

“Cemetery Sideshow” Bar None Group (November 2011)       

“Wracam,” Kritya (May 2009) 


Book Reviews

Review of Magdalena Zurawski’s Companion Animal,” (November 2015), WoodlandPattern.org

"Review of Matthew Cooperman's Spool." (Spring 2017), MAYDAY magazine.